Daniel McKay | Bringing Data to Reality

Professional Data and Performance Management Services

Providing process improvement, data analytics, research and performance management services.


Research; Database Development; Data visualization; Office Program Development


High quality research services including literature reviews, methodology development, and econometric modelling. See published economics work.

Database Development

Utilizing efficient data design concepts, I build effective databases capable of housing large amounts of data to be queried in a timely manner. These databases are most often the back-end of a database application that I also develop. Efficiency and ease are the main focus, ensuring streamlined and efficient business processes. See work for the State of Oregon.

Data Visualization

Are you tired of having your information fly over people's heads? Does your presentation need some work? I harness the power of human psychology to provide data visualization that captivates audiences and carries the proper message. No data is too complex to explain, you only need the right tools and thinking to pull it off. That is where I come in. See freelance work at http://PPH.me/Data

Office Program Development

Using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and stored Macro procedures, I've developed an extensive set of custom functions that help build efficient programs in Microsoft Excel, Access, Outlook at Word. I specialize in improving data processes through streamlined integration and a focus on automation.

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Just short examples of the work I do

Published economics research about organized crime, social capital, and entrepreneurship

Efficient database development able to function both on the web or reside within a database application on your desktop

Build data visuals in a way that connects with an audience, synthesizing complex data into something people understand

Microsoft Office application development that uses the tools you already have through the power of VBA programming and macro development to deliver business efficiency